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ICT Evaluation

ICT Evaluation


The project was highly based on ICT skills. Both students and teachers took advantage of the new technologies to:

  • Find each other through e-twinning and decide to start the project.
  • Exchange ideas about the first draft plan of realization of the project.
  • Make their research about certain artistic periods, according to the demands of the project.
  • Get information about the countries and towns/cities to be visited.
  • Prepare their presentations about their own school/town/country and the artistic period in question, in every mobility.
  • Get to know a little bit more personally the fellow students/teachers from the other countries.
  • Have a constant flow of information and exchange of ideas throughout the project.
  • Arrange plenty of travel details.


ICT is very important in the learning/ teaching process for the following reasons:

  • The Internet proved to be an extremely useful tool in the research because it helped students to accomplish the researches by themselves, with the guidance of their teachers.
  • Students improved their skills, as they have learnt new things (power point, moviemaker, use of dropbox)

The participants got prepared about the sights/ monuments/ culture of the country they were to visit, which made it easier to assimilate information there.



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